Digitisation: Growth potential for companies in the capital region

As part of the SME survey conducted by Berliner Sparkasse 2018, DIW Econ recorded the current status and development of digitisation in companies in the capital region.

The digitisation index was determined for the first time in 2017. With the SME Survey 2018 it is now available for the second time, so that trends in digital transformation over time can be identified.

The evaluation shows a slight decline in the level of digitisation but a growing dynamic. More and more companies continue to recognise the challenge, but the digitisation process is progressing only slowly. One reason for this is that companies are increasingly attaching more importance to state regulation.

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The SME Survey 2018 was conducted on behalf of Berliner Sparkasse / Landesbank Berlin. The responses from representatives of small and medium-sized companies in the region were evaluated.

Our visualisation tool enables you to explore the survey results individually, broken down by region:

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