Tourism as an economic factor in Brandenburg – TSA 2019

Brandenburg is an attractive destination for tourists. According to official statistics, a total of around 5.2 million arrivals and almost 14.0 million overnight stays were recorded in the state in 2019.

As part of this study, an update of the economic significance of the tourism industry in Brandenburg for 2019 was prepared using the TSA system at the federal state level. This is comparable to the previous study, which was prepared for the reference year 2015. In addition, an estimate was made for 2020, a year in which the coronavirus pandemic posed particular challenges for tourism.

Total consumption is estimated to have fallen by 22 per cent between 2019 and 2020, equivalent to €5.5 billion. There were significant declines across all visitor groups, but private day visitors remain the most important visitor group in Brandenburg.

In 2020, spending will generate gross value added of just under €3.1 billion or just under 76,200 jobs, representing 4.6 per cent of the total economy or 6.8 per cent of total employment. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, the regional economic importance of tourism in Brandenburg fell by almost a fifth compared with the previous year. The tourism industry was disproportionately affected compared to the state’s economy as a whole.

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