The contribution of biofuels to achieving the 2030 climate objectives

On behalf of the Association of the German Biofuels Industry (VDB), DIW Econ is investigating the question of what contribution biofuels will make to emission reductions in the transport sector by 2030.

The source materials for biofuel production – this applies both to cultivated biomass and to the source materials of waste-based and advanced biofuels – can only be sustainably provided in limited quantities.

The results of the study show that biofuels will continue to replace fossil fuels in Germany to a limited extent in the future and thus contribute to reducing emissions from the transport sector by 2030.

The potential of biofuels to save costs for the purchase of emission rights in the future can be realised under two conditions. Firstly, the corresponding quantities of biofuels must be produced sustainably. Secondly, the regulatory framework in Germany must be designed in such a way that there are incentives for fuel suppliers or buyers to replace corresponding quantities of fossil fuels with biofuels.

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