SME survey 2017 – Berlin’s economic growth continues to exceed the national average

In the 2017 SME survey, Berlin companies were asked about their current economic situation and future expectations as well as investment and financing plans in a rapidly changing market environment.

The SME Survey 2017 was conducted on behalf of Berliner Sparkasse / Landesbank Berlin. The responses of around 1,750 representatives of small and medium-sized companies from the region were evaluated.

As a result, the assessment of the business climate in the capital region has reached its highest level since 2005. The positive assessment of the business climate is also reflected in the companies’ sales expectations. Almost half of those surveyed expect rising sales in the current calendar year.

Besides, however, the buoyant economy has so far not spurred companies’ investment plans; the classic investment loan remains the most popular debt financing instrument.

The central challenge for every second company is to attract qualified junior staff. The lack of skilled workers is seen as a serious obstacle to business development.

The topic of digitisation has reached the top of the agenda in many companies. The companies have largely positive expectations in this respect, but also uncertainties about future requirements.

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