Evaluation of the effectiveness of regulation in the telecommunications sector

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) has commissioned DIW Econ and DICE Consult to develop conceptual bases and methodological procedures for ex-post evaluations as well as proposals for ex-ante impact assessment procedures to assess the effectiveness of regulation in the telecommunications sector. In the future, empirical findings can thus be used to a greater extent in the selection and design of regulatory instruments in advance, and the success of the measures taken can be assessed more precisely in retrospect.

Beyond the communicative needs of private consumers, the telecommunications sector is of overall economic importance for future growth and international competitiveness of the German and European economy. An efficient regulatory framework is, therefore, of great economic and social relevance. Effective and well-thought-out regulatory measures can promote the intensity of competition, safeguard consumer interests and support the further expansion of telecommunications networks, thereby increasing welfare. Rash implementation of measures whose effects are unclear and may reduce welfare should be avoided.

Executive Summary of the study (GER, 1,0 MB)

Subject area 1: Analysis of the structure of the German telecommunications sector (GER, 2.9 MB)

Subject area 2: Methodological approaches for the causal analysis of the effects of regulatory measures (GER, 1.9 MB)

Subject area 3: Evaluation of regulatory measures using the example of local loop unbundling and bitstream access (GER, 1.3 MB)

Issue 4: Impact assessment of regulatory measures (GER, 2.1 MB)