Annual Report on European SMEs 2018/2019

The annual report shows the size, structure and importance of SMEs for the European economy and provides an overview of the past and projected development of SMEs since 2008. This year’s edition focuses on the performance of SMEs in the fields of research, development and innovation (R&I).SMEs are the backbone of the EU-28 economy. In 2018 there were just over 25 million SMEs, representing 99.8 % of all enterprises in the EU-28 non-financial business sector. The value-added of these enterprises was 56.4 %, and the employment share 66.6 %.

SME value-added and employment grew in 2018 for the first time in years in all Member States. Overall, the EU-28 value-added and employment grew by 4.1% and 1.8% respectively in 2018. Micro enterprises have been driving this recovery – they recorded by far the strongest value-added and employment growth of all SME size classes.

The report was prepared for the European Commission by a consortium including DIW Econ.

For further information, please read the annual report.