PD Dr Elke Holst

Research Director of Gender and Diversity Studies
E-Mail: service@diw-econ.de
Telefon: +49 30-20 60 972-0

PD Dr Elke Holst is the Research Director of Gender and Diversity Studies at DIW Econ, as well as a long-standing Research Director and Head of the Gender Studies Research Department in the Executive Board of DIW Berlin. She is one of the leading German researchers in the field of Gender Economics. Her research topics include gender gaps in the labour market, e.g. in terms of earnings, in management positions or working hours. Elke Holst has been a member of the FAZ economists’ ranking since its inception, most recently ranking 54th (2018). Manager Magazin also ranks Elke Holst among the 100 most influential women in German business (as of January 2019). She has published well over 400 publications on her main topics. Her Managerinnen-Barometer (Female Manager Barometer) and the Führungskräfte-Monitor (Manager Monitor) are part of the established instruments of empirical economic research and provide information on the working and living conditions of managers in the private sector in Germany.

Elke Holst studied at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, completed her doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin and habilitated at the European University of Flensburg, where she also teaches as a private lecturer.