Survey of medium-sized businesses 2019

As part of the 2019 SME survey, companies in the Berlin/Brandenburg region were asked for the 15th time about their assessment of the current economic situation, their expectations for the future and their investment and financing plans.

The results show that the economic slowdown is not leaving Berlin’s domestic companies completely unscathed. Both the assessments of the business climate and the expected increase in personnel are more cautious. With companies still reluctant to invest, digitisation is one of the top three investment motives.

Survey of medium-sized businesses 2018

As part of the SME Survey 2018, Berlin companies were asked about the current economic situation in terms of business climate, future expectations and investment and financing plans. The main topics of the survey were digitisation, company growth and sustainability.

Berliner Sparkasse / Landesbank Berlin commissioned the SME Survey 2018. The responses from representatives of small and medium-sized companies in the region were evaluated.

Berlin middle class: Digitisation Index – Digitisation as a task for all companies, smaller companies often still too little committed

In the context of the SME Survey 2017 of the Berliner Sparkasse, DIW Econ has looked at the topic of digitisation in a focus analysis. For the first time, a digitisation index for Berlin and the surrounding area could be determined based on the analysis results. The index reflects both the state of digitisation as the current status and the progress of digitisation as the digitisation dynamics.

SME survey 2017 – Berlin’s economic growth continues to exceed the national average

In the 2017 SME survey, Berlin companies were asked about their current economic situation and future expectations as well as investment and financing plans in a rapidly changing market environment.

The SME Survey 2017 was conducted on behalf of Berliner Sparkasse / Landesbank Berlin. The responses of around 1,750 representatives of small and medium-sized companies from the region were evaluated.

Founder Index 2016

Berlin remains Germany’s founding capital

The start-up dynamics in Berlin remain at a high level, but with a declining trend. Employment prospects on the labour market have improved significantly. It is therefore not surprising that there has been a marked decline in the number of small businesses being set up to full-time employment. The number of “genuine company start-ups” in Berlin can be described as pleasingly high.