The regional economic importance of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Regional economic demand effects and regional growth effects through research and teaching

On behalf of the University of Jena, DIW Econ has investigated the regional economic effects of the university with regard to value creation and employment as well as innovation-based economic development.

The Friedrich Schiller University of Jena is a traditional university. Jena enjoys an excellent international reputation as a centre of science and study. Besides, the university contributes significantly to Thuringia’s economic development: For every euro of state funds invested in it by the Free State, 2.50 € of economic performance is generated in the state.

The study also shows that the Friedrich Schiller University plays a central role in the innovation system of the Jena region, in which numerous non-university research institutions and companies are also involved. The university is an important, internationally visible anchor point for this.

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