The economic importance of onshore wind energy in Schleswig-Holstein

DIW Econ was commissioned by the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Association of the German Wind Energy Association to investigate the economic significance of onshore wind energy in Schleswig-Holstein.

This study analyses, on the one hand, the investments in new wind energy plants and on the other hand, the revenues and costs arising from the operation and maintenance of existing wind energy plants. It will thus determine the effects of the wind energy sector on regional value-added, employment and tax revenues in Schleswig-Holstein. The overall effect of the three indicators can be divided into direct, indirect and induced effects.

The study concludes that onshore wind energy in Schleswig-Holstein in 2018 will have triggered economic effects for a total of 11,900 employees and 1.3 billion euros in gross value added. Besides, the wind energy sector generates public revenues of at least 45.6 million euros. This makes it an essential driver of Schleswig-Holstein’s regional economy.

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