Local spending by Airbnb guests in Germany: impact on value added and employment

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DIW Econ study: Airbnb travellers spent more than 1 billion euros on local consumption in Germany in 2016

  • Airbnb travellers to and within Germany spent around 1 billion euro on local goods and services in addition to overnight stays
  • Positive impact on employment of more than 18,000 workers
  • Gastronomy and cultural industries benefited in particular

Berlin, 24 November 2017 – Travellers who booked accommodation in Germany on Airbnb in 2016 spent a total of just over 1 billion euros on local goods and services. This figure does not include the expenditure for accommodation booked via Airbnb. Around 18,000 jobs are attributable to the tourist demand of guests who booked accommodation on Airbnb alone. These are the key findings of a study conducted by DIW Econ, a subsidiary of the economic research institute DIW Berlin, on behalf of Airbnb. Airbnb travellers spent an average of €127 per day on the spot on gastronomy, food, consumer goods, sport and leisure, culture and entertainment, transport and other goods and services. This is significantly more than the average overnight traveller in Germany spent last year, who spent 77 euros* without overnight stays. Expenditure on accommodation booked via Airbnb and on travel to and from the airport was not included in the analysis. The overall effects of Airbnb are, therefore, more significant than those presented in this study.

Gastronomy benefited most from travellers’ expenditure in Germany: 32% of consumer spending was spent on restaurant services. 19% of spending was on consumer goods (“shopping”), 15% on cultural activities and 14% on local transport. The catering sector also benefited from by far the largest employment effect: around 6,700 employees worked in restaurants, cafés, bars and similar establishments providing catering services requested by Airbnb guests. A further 2,000 or so people employed in the arts and culture sector and around 1,550 people employed in the transport and traffic sector benefited from demand from guests who had booked accommodation on Airbnb.

Alexander Schwarz, Managing Director of Airbnb Germany: “The expenditure of travellers using Airbnb represents a significant contribution to the local economy. This benefits, in particular the catering and cultural industries. Together with the cities and tourist regions, we are working to ensure that in future both the local economy and the local citizens can benefit even more from the added value created by tourism”.

Dr Anselm Mattes, Head of Economic Analysis DIW Econ: “The consumer spending of guests booking accommodation in Germany on Airbnb is a considerable economic factor and creates regional value-added in particular. They have significant positive effects on turnover and jobs in the German tourism industry and other sectors of the economy”.

The expenditure of domestic and foreign Airbnb travellers amounting to around 1 billion euros made a direct contribution to the economic output in Germany (gross domestic product) of 442 million euros with a gross value added and provided direct employment for around 12,500 people. In addition to the direct effects, there were further indirect effects via intermediate input relationships (e.g. suppliers of restaurants) amounting to around 345 million euros in gross value added and 5,600 employees.

The study was prepared by DIW Econ based on Airbnb data and the results of a survey of 721 guests on Airbnb who travelled to and within Germany in 2016. Besides, data from the Federal Statistical Office and findings from the current Tourism Satellite Account, which DIW Econ prepared on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics, were used.

*Source: German Institute for Tourism Economics


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