Green power: Consumers are willing to pay for investments in renewable energies

DIW Berlin Weekly Report 07/2012, p. 3-10

In addition to the political framework conditions, consumer acceptance is also crucial for the expansion of renewable energies in Germany. A current study by DIW econ examines the demand behaviour of ecologically oriented electricity customers. Based on a survey, it was analysed which characteristics are particularly important from the consumers’ point of view. In the process, the consumers’ willingness to pay for individual product features such as the type of electricity generated or the investment behaviour and regional orientation of the electricity provider were determined. The results show that, on average, consumers not only find all the ecological features of an electricity product important, but are also willing to pay price premiums. A particularly high willingness to pay results for electricity products from regional providers who actively invest in the expansion of renewable energies.

Weekly Report 7/2012

Article in Weekly Report 7/2012

Interview Dr. Anselm Mattes