Carbon-neutral and socially just Bavaria – Proposed measures for a social climate transformation in Bavaria

The current study by DIW Econ, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert, DIW Berlin, commissioned by the Bavarian SPD state parliamentary group, examines how the Free State of Bavaria can achieve a just transition into a emission neutral future. For this purpose, the study discusses specific social-ecological measures for the upcoming political reorientation in the sectors of energy, transport, buildings and industry.

The Free State of Bavaria faces considerable climate policy challenges and a great need for action in the coming decade. Throughout the past 70 years, a significant temperature increase of 1.9°C has already taken place. In order to successfully manage the transformation to carbon neutrality, determined, targeted, and ambitious actions are required at all political levels. In addition to an ambitious 1.5°C-compatible target, the Free State needs a comprehensive strategy on how the practical implementation of the goal of climate neutrality can be designed in a socially just manner. The need to take social aspects into account in the transformation process has come even more to the forefront as the current Covid 19 pandemic continues to exacerbate existing social inequalities even further.

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