Prof Dr Franziska Holz

Stellvertretende Leiterin der Abteilung Energie, Verkehr, Umwelt
Telefon: +49 30 20 60 972 0

Prof. Dr Franziska Holz is Deputy Head of the Department of Energy, Transport, and Environment and Head of the Research Area Resource and Environmental Markets in the Department of Energy, Transport, Environment at DIW Berlin. She is also an Associate Professor at the Norwegian Technical University NTNU in Trondheim. Ms Holz’s expertise is in European and international resource markets (esp. natural gas, coal, oil) and their modelling, economics of resource-rich countries, stranded assets, and energy systems modelling. She has been at DIW Berlin since 2004, with research or teaching appointments at Stanford University, University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and the Hertie School of Governance Berlin. Prof. Holz studied at the Paris School of Economics (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) and received her PhD from the TU Berlin.