Evaluation and impact assessment

Evaluations and impact assessments are the core methods of evidence-based policy advise and allow to assess and evaluate the effects of policies, projects or measures, both ex ante and ex post. Among other things, the achievement of objectives, effectiveness, efficiency and possible economic, social and ecological effects can be assessed. The aim is to determine the need for timely policy changes and readjustments, to generate knowledge for future decision making and to provide evidence of the suitability and profitability of decisions made. From the synopsis of both results we then develop relevant recommendations for our customers (learning evaluation).

We offer to our customers a wide range of methods and the know-how of the best possible application depending on the problem, complexity and existing data (mixed-method approach). The methods include randomised field experiments, the econometric verification of causal relationships using quasi-experimental research methods, cost-benefit analyses, surveys as well as qualitative methods such as interviews, Delphi surveys, focus group discussions and workshops.