Regionale Innovationssysteme im Vergleich

Author: Dr. Anselm Mattes, Michael Arnold, Philipp Sandner
Published: January 2014

DIW Weekly Report 5/2014, p. 79-87

Technological and organizational progress is the major driving force behind economic growth. Innovation systems are a crucial factor in implementing innovations. These include all organizations and institutions, for example, companies, universities, and research institutes, involved in creating, disseminating, and applying scientific or technological knowledge. Innovation systems have a strong regional focus, particularly as far as knowledge transfer and cooperation between various stakeholders are concerned. Taking the region of Darmstadt and several comparable regions as examples, the present paper outlines how regional innovation systems can be analyzed using various indicators. The findings show that the region of Darmstadt is well above the German average of innovation performance and, according to some indicators, it even surpasses leading regions such as Stuttgart and Munich. However, this is not fully reflected in its economic performance.

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Publication Tags:
innovation analysis, innovation indicator, patent data analysis, regional innovation system

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