Energy transition as a central building block of a future industrial policy

Published: January 2018

German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) publishes first report of study program.

The study program is dealing with 4 topics, which the Council’s experts identified to be crucial for the energy transition in both countries. The focus was set on

(1) long-term energy transition scenarios,

(2) the overall economic and social preconditions of an energy transition,

(3) electricity market design, and

(4) the promotion of energy saving strategies.

They will be a basis for the GJETC’s policy recommendations, providing the first comprehensive comparative analysis between Japan and Germany on these issues.

Prof. Toyoda, CEO of the IEEJ, welcomed the results of study program: “The common analysis of renowned institutes reveals very interesting insights into the similarities and differences of the energy transition in Japan and Germany. For policy makers, industry and the civil society the studies present a unique sources of information. […]”


Link to press release (DE)

Link to press release (ENG)

Link to study „Energy transition as a central building block of a future industrial policy“ (ENG)




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