Online survey for an innovation cluster “Digital Rail” in the coal regions

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), we – DIW Econ GmbH – are investigating whether and how an “Innovation Cluster Digital Rail” can be established in the Lusatian, Central German and Rhenish mining regions affected by the lignite phase-out. Our aim in the project is to establish institutionalised, long-term cooperation in research and development between companies and research institutions across the entire value-added process in the railway sector, thereby strengthening the lignite regions in the process of structural change.

In order to identify potentials and starting points for a “Digital Rail” innovation cluster, we are conducting a survey of companies and knowledge and training institutions in the three regions.

Link to the survey for companies / Overview questionnaire

Link to survey for scientific institutions / Overview questionnaire

Link to survey for educational institutions / Overview questionnaire

Letter of support from the BMVI