SME survey 2017 – Berlin’s economic growth continues to exceed the national average

In the 2017 SME survey, Berlin companies were asked about their current economic situation and future expectations as well as investment and financing plans in a rapidly changing market environment.

The SME Survey 2017 was conducted on behalf of Berliner Sparkasse / Landesbank Berlin. The responses of around 1,750 representatives of small and medium-sized companies from the region were evaluated.

The economy of beverage packaging

The expert discussion on beverage packaging regularly neglects the economic context and focuses instead on ecological issues.

On behalf of the BGVZ (Bund Getränkeverpackungen der Zukunft GbR), DIW Econ has for the first time analysed the economic relationships.

Turning point: decoupling CO2 emissions and economic growth

The study “Decoupling greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth” commissioned by the Heinrich Böll Foundation examines the developments over the period 1990-2014.

In the past, energy consumption increased along with global economic performance. In 2014, greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector fell for the first time while the economy grew.

Concept of a low carbon development strategy for Ukraine

Agenda for investment and economic modernisation

On behalf of  UNDP Ukraine and supported by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Sefety (BMUB) based on a decision of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.