Greek private sector potential remains untapped

DIW Weekly Report 29 / 2018, S. 641-651

The analysis of newly available data shows that the value-added of Greek private enterprises has fallen by 38 per cent in nominal terms over the last ten years. Micro-enterprises have been particularly hard hit. Despite all efforts to stabilise the macroeconomic environment, only a slight and still weak recovery has recently set in.

Gigabit access in Germany: lagging behind in international comparison, but also little demand

DIW Weekly Report 25/2018 – Digital Infrastructure

The expansion of broadband Internet is currently the subject of intense debate. However, Germany is still lagging behind the targets set. Although almost 100 per cent of households now have broadband connections of up to six megabits per second, Germany still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of gigabit-capable connections – especially in sparsely populated regions.

Economic arguments for public broadcasting

Article in Wirtschaftsdienst – 97th volume, 2017, issue 1 – pp. 45-52

The financing of public service broadcasting in Germany is under criticism. There are many doubts that public funding of broadcasters can still be justified from a regulatory perspective.

The authors argue that despite technological changes, there are still economically sound reasons for public funding of broadcasting content. The basis of the argumentation is the positive external effects of broadcasting.

Public service broadcasting in a convergent media world

The economic importance of ARD

The study provides an economic rationale for public funding and provision of broadcasting content in a converging media world. Furthermore, it discusses in which institutional structures public service broadcasting content should be provided and which experiences and findings resulting from the comparison of public service financing in an international context.

The economy of beverage packaging

The expert discussion on beverage packaging regularly neglects the economic context and focuses instead on ecological issues.

On behalf of the BGVZ (Bund Getränkeverpackungen der Zukunft GbR), DIW Econ has for the first time analysed the economic relationships.