Annual Report on European SMEs 2017/ 2018

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to recover – intra-EU-28 exports are a key driver of growth!

SMEs form the basis of the EU-28 economy. Between 2008 and 2017, the gross value added generated by EU-28 SMEs increased by 14.3% and employment by 2.5% on a cumulative basis and growth is expected to continue in the coming year.

Greek private sector potential remains untapped

DIW Weekly Report 29 / 2018, S. 641-651

The analysis of newly available data shows that the value-added of Greek private enterprises has fallen by 38 per cent in nominal terms over the last ten years. Micro-enterprises have been particularly hard hit. Despite all efforts to stabilise the macroeconomic environment, only a slight and still weak recovery has recently set in.

Economic impact of public procurement in the aerospace defence sector

This study – commissioned by Airbus – provides an assessment of the economic impact of public contracts awarded to the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of military aircraft and spacecraft in Germany.

For this purpose, DIW Econ developed a model of the German defence aerospace industry and its complex supply chain.

International review of best practice in the publication of productivity statistics

On behalf of the UK Office for National Statistics, DIW Econ and London Economics have examined the productivity measures that are published by national and international statistical organisations (NISOs) around the world.

The report summarises the productivity publications of 21 NISOs and includes information on their detailed labour-, capital- and multi-factor productivity estimates and methods.